Merry Christmas everyone.

We haven’t put one of these newsletters out for a while, but we’ve recovered from the worst of the summer rain, crawled out of our caves and are excited to launch our summer series.

What do we have for you?

Two recurring indoor events each month that started last Winter and two a week in Parks. What’s the difference? The comedy is much the same, indoor is warmer with bar and sometimes food service while parks have a better supply of fresh air at the risk of being rained out occasionally hmmm.

Park Comedy

This season we are continuing with Potters Park, Heard Park Parnell, Selwyn Reserve Mission Bay and we’ve moved from the dog park to outside the Pt Chev library plus we’ve added back Jellicoe Park in Onehunga.

Our next two gigs are on the 27th & 28th of December then we continue through the summer,

Full details on the Park Comedy website or visit our Facebook page.

Five Elements Cafe Bistro

Lovely little cafe in Royal Oak. More.

Outside Obie

A small friendly bar on Dominion Road. More.

Performer Sign-up

There’s lots of ways to sign-up, waiting for us to die then using a Ouija board should work, but only for shows a few years in the future. For a faster turn-around, click this link & complete the Google form.