Line-up shows

A line-up comedy show consists of an MC or host who warms up the audience then introduces each of several performers. The MC is an experienced comedian who knows how to return an audience to be ready to accept comedy from a new performer.

We organise line-up shows either under your branding or under ours. Our branding for free (to the audience) shows is known as One Mic Stand-up and operates under certain parameters designed to provide a show of known structure and quality. When using your branding, we will tailor shows to meet your requirements.

Duration: At least 60 minutes and up to 120 minutes. We believe that 90 minutes is an optimum length for a free (to the audience) show but 120 minutes would give you a longer period to sell refreshments to your customers. With the current Covid-19 level two restriction that customers can only stay for two hours a 120 minute show might present you with difficulties but we could start with a shorter show & extend it later if needed.

Cast: 1 MC, 1 producer, sufficient performers to fill the agreed time.

We supply:

  • Stage lighting: Typically 2 white or RGBWA par cans, if needed
  • Light stands x 2, if needed
  • Lighting Controller x 1, if needed
  • Mic stands x 2, if needed
  • Two channel wireless mic system, if needed

We do the following:

  • Book the MC & performers
  • Promote shows being produced with our branding or help you promote the show, if using your branding.
  • Set-up the lighting and sound system in the room before the show. We need access to the room at least 90 minutes before the show.
  • Support the MC during the show
  • Tear down and remove any of our equipment after the show. 30 minutes.