Poetry Power

Poetry Power is our name for our branded free (to the audience) poetry line-up show. By running the show under our branding you can benefit from our positive reputation with past audience members and our ability to promote the show.

We can also runĀ shows with your branding.

Duration: At least 90 minutes, not more than 100 minutes

Cast: 1 MC, 1 Producer, 8 or more performers

We supply:

  • Stage lighting: 2 white or RGBWA par cans, if needed. For larger venues we may substitute spot lights to allow for the lighting rig being further from the stage.
  • Light stands x 2, if needed
  • Lighting Controller x 1, if needed
  • Mic stands x 2, if needed
  • Two channel wireless mic system, if needed

We do the following:

  • Book the MC & invite performers
  • Promote the show through social media
  • Set-up the lighting and sound system in the room before the show. We need access to the room at least 90 minutes before the show.
  • Support the MC during the show
  • Tear down and remove any of our equipment after the show. 30 minutes.